Home School Day
Home School Day 2017

This incredible event provides the opportunity for home-schooled families to learn about space exploration and engage in an unforgettable day of education and inspiring entertainment.

Experience the world premiere of our once-in-a-lifetime fall exhibit Destination Moon. See the Apollo 11 command module and artifacts from the first lunar landing, which are leaving the Smithsonian for the first time since 1972.

Meet retired NASA astronaut Jerry Ross, hear from experts on a variety of topics including why Earth has a moon, what it’s made of, the future of lunar research and what the Apollo missions taught us about the moon. Get hands-on in our interactive Pop-Up Science Labs where you can see live demonstrations, participate in robotics challenges, conduct experiments and so much more!

*Please note that meal option only applys to select items in our Zero-G diner.

Home School Day
Home School Day w/Meal

Choose from any of these delicious meal options in our Zero G Diner.

  • 100 percent Angus beef hamburger with fries.
  • 100 percent Angus beef cheeseburger with fries.
  • Grilled jumbo hot dog with fries.
  • Chicken tenders with fries.
  • Two jumbo slices of cheese or pepperoni pizza.
All meals include a Coca-Cola fountain drink


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